I am no food critic nor am I a great cook. But over a period of time I have come to realize that food is very much like life.. and you are a happy cook if you look forward to seasonal produce, enjoy the sensual pleasure of food, freely experiment with ingredients, and enjoy the process as well as the result.  Burp, sleep, smack your lips, smile, fart and even puke; but never lose interest in food… that’s my definition of life at present!!


IndianFoodie is a big plate brimming and slurrping with esoteric flavourful food and life I love. Comfort food which is not always healthy but always makes everything in the universe right. Recipes from my mother and entire clan of loud foodie family. Highly unscientific recreations of foods I have liked from my travels around the world.


Everything here is special for me because of memories, moments and emotions which are cooked in ..




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